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Eastern Energy is engaged in indenting erection, testing, commissioning rehabilitating,
maintaining and rendering all type of services in electrical engineering discipline.

• Complete erection and Commissioning of 500 KV, 220 KV and 132 KV Grid Station.
• Erection and Commissioning of complete range of HT Switch gears and Control gears with MOCB, OCB, VCB and SF6 breakers.
• Erection of complete range of LT Switch gears and Control gears with special build in protection like E/F. O/C, S/C, U/V, OV AND OVER HEATING etc.
• Rehabilitation and reclamation of all kind of Switch gears and Grid Stations equipment for 500KV, 220KV, 132KV, 66KV and 11 KV with auto/manual operation and necessary protection as per system requirement.
• Power factor improvement equipment of 415V, 3.3KV and 11KV with auto/manual operation and necessary protection as per system requirement.
• HT/LT changes over equipment with LBS and MCCP/ACB with mechanical/electrical interlocking.
• Auto main failure panels for auto transfer switching of generator send main supply.
• Power and lighting distribution boards.
• Bus ties ducts up till 6000A and cable trays, etc.
• Energy audit with respect to dig out the areas of power wastage to save the precious energy in process/system.
• System efficiency analysis focusing on energy conservation and maximum utilization of available resources.
• Calibration of instruments and protection relays for efficient switching tripping and protection.
• Overhead and underground transmission lines and power distribution system.
• MS Street light poles (Single and double arms) and street lighting etc.
• Earthling and lightening protection of grid stations and other reinstallations as per IEE publication 80.
• R&D on renewable energy especially on solar energy for households use for thermal heating and street lighting.
• Supply and erection of equipment and material for Thermal Power Stations and Hydal Stations.
• Transportation & Shifting of Power Transformers and allied equipment, within or outside to other grid stations.